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She Strong International is committed to celebrating the strength, courage and power of women and honoring the diverse and unique qualities, characteristics and capabilities of women. SSI will mentor current and future women leaders and partner with and amplify the work of organizations supporting women through training, mentoring and education.​

She Strong International is dedicated in increasing opportunities and leadership roles for young girls and women. We aim to amplify the voices of women. We set bold goals and ensure women have access to opportunities. Despite increasing opportunities for girls and women, barriers persist in the success of young girls and women, especially girls from low income communities and families.  



D.R.E.A.M is an anonym which stands for (Delivering Results Effectively to Advance Myself). DREAM Girls is an organization dedicated to promoting the growth, prosperity and greatness in young girls. Our goal is to create a ripple effect to break the cycle of poverty by helping those who come from economically depressed areas obtain the vision, inspiration, resources, and the specific strategies needed to attain positive life goals.


DREAM focuses on transformational thinking, personal development and economic growth to help build the self-esteem and self-worth of at risk youth.  By expanding their outlook on life through education, leadership and direction, DREAM hopes to encourage and empower at risk youth to make positive choices to enhance their own quality of life ow and into the future.


DREAM supports outreach programs wholeheartedly and looks to develop partnerships with organizations that are innovative, visionary, and forward thinking in their approach to empower underserved youth.

 She Travel 

In today’s digital world, geographic borders no longer exist. You can tweet to Mexico, email China, and phone Italy all before breakfast. In work, school and across society, the skills developed by interacting with other cultures are becoming increasingly valuable.

She Travels aims to broaden the views and perspectives of underprivileged girls and young women by exposing them to the world around them.  

She Travels will help girls become global citizens by giving them opportunities to interact and immerse themselves in foreign cultures, view the world through someone else’s eyes by watching firsthand how other people live and challenge their own assumptions and free their mind to experience alternative ways of being.

Girls and young women will have the opportunity to

  • Be immersed in foreign languages

  • Become inspired by new and exciting experiences abroad

  • Meet new people                                              

  • Encounter historical landmarks and world geography firsthand


All expenses associated with these travel experiences are paid for through fundraising, generous donations and grants.

 I Am S.H.E. -Setting High Expectations  Workshop 

Participants in the I Am SHE workshop will discuss real issues and identify real solutions affecting women in a fun, interactive and informative manner.  Discussions throughout the workshop are inspiring, thought provoking and empowering.  Workshop activities/exercises call for a period of self-reflection, study and assessment on the part of each participant. 


The goal of the workshop is for participants to receive information that will:

  •          Identify challenges and discuss solutions to address issues faced by women

  •          Identify best practices and discuss ways to advocate for women, and

  •          Identify pathways that will encourage and support the continued advancement of women


Participants will engage in discussions, activities and exercises that will focus on:

  •          Team Building

  •          Leadership

  •          Sisterhood

  •          Perseverance

  •          Confidence

  •          Self-Awareness

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